Yea, we’ve heard it a million times. The struggle is real. Things have been going very well at Cherry Loudon. Although things have been going good there’s been a lot of moving parts and as always things don’t go as planned. Hardly ever do I have problems but when I do they usually cause some type of impact.

First things first let’s introduce you to our website creation side of the house. Web Designs Group or WDG. Web Designs Group was a purchased company with a standing site. We brought it over about middle of last year shortly after our trip in Miami. Not totally unrelated. We can discuss that later if you’re interested. Anyway so we say on the design of the site for a while. WordPress upgrades aren’t always that easy and a change to major components of your business isn’t an overnight decision. I trialed many different designs and concepts and ended up just settling on something recently.

Picking a Site

I love the design, the layout, and the functionality of the site. I’m currently fine tuning and adjusting things to my liking but I’ve settled on a design that I’ll most likely keep for a while. At least until I find something else and the time to change it. Please head over to webdesignsgroup.com and check out the new site. Also accessible from the Web Design tab on our homepage.

My Dying X1 Xtreme

Remember I said I rarely have troubles but when I do they come with an impact? Second thing up. My dying computer. Not sure what the issue was for this system. Well the motherboard was replaced but I don’t think everything is happy and working together. Something is wrong but unfortunately Lenovo can’t figure it out. I’m hoping for a RMA off the device since I’ve basically been without a machine for 50 days. Update 3/18/2020 no RMA for the device and I haven’t had a chance to speak with a tech on the next steps, wish me luck!

Long story short, sent my X1 off to the service depot to get it fixed. The motherboard was replaced and the DCN cable (for LCD connectivity). Support returned the computer but it was still causing me problems. Horrible reliability just kept cutting off over and over again. It didn’t make sense to me so instead of trying to diagnose and figure it out myself it was better to just go ahead and send it off to the service depot again.

Sent it in again and this time they send it back with the same issue. Not to mention that they wiped both of my drives and sent the system back at the windows setup menu. Probably the stupidest support tech I could of asked for. Complete dumbo. Why he erased both drives and then used the larger drive for the initial installation of the disk I have no clue. I was using the larger drive as fast storage for applications and the smaller drive for the basic installation of windows.

Unfortunately I can’t keep using my other system due to the lack of speed it has. Which remind me of another issue I had. My Lenovo Y700 gave me a ton of problems as I was getting it up and running. The RAM was bad, the OS outdated, missing a cooling fan, missing the system back screws. The system was from a scrap pile so this is to be expected. I bring machines back to life, and enjoy doing it. Sometimes things don’t necessarily go the way you want them to but you gotta keep your head up and stay focused.

Remember Do Your Backups

This brings me to my weekly reminder about you all doing your backups and the importance of backups, saving files on external drives and utilizing flash drives where situation warrants. Its a hassle switching machines but I was able to keep things running utilizing external drives.

It’s essential to have a regular backup and a copy of your current working files on a flash or external drive. This will allow for you to continue to work in the case of a disaster. Common terms in the disaster recovery space include RPO and RTO. Not important for you since you won’t be on a constantly changing environment in which you don’t have complete site of. If you do we can talk you need more than a regular backup done at the OS level. There will be an email out giving a brief overview of RPO and RTO in the mean time get your backups done and stay safe!


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Need PC repair? Visit: www.cherryloudon.com/repair

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