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Cherry Loudon’s Business Plan Template

This business plan template is the solution to not having a business plan.

Don’t know where to start?

Don’t know what to include in your business plan?

Looking for a business plan template where you can just insert your information and delete the instructions? This is it.

With our template, you’ll be able to quickly and easily identify the components of your business, your competitors, and get your business started!


Business plans help you run your business and improve your success! 


A great business plan helps you navigate through the many stages of starting and managing your business new or old.


 This business plan template is a detailed roadmap to structure, grow, and run your business. Many people skip this essential step and we want to put that to an end! 


Many times, your business plan can bring on new business partners and get you funding. When investors are considering investing in your business they want to be ensured that there will be a return on their investment. The business plan will give a guide to when, where, and how the investor will receive their ROI. 


A business plan is a tool that will help ensure your business’s success. 


Our business plan eliminates the need to decide on a format. Our business template allows for you to streamline your business plan and negate any of the nonessential items specific to your niche or industry. 


Built on a traditional business plan structure, our business plan sections detail to provide the level of detail needed when discussing your business with others. Investors, board of directors, executives, or others. 


Our business plan includes the following sections:


Executive Summary 

Company Overview 

Market Analysis

Organization and Management

Products and Services

Marketing and Sales

Financial Projections

Funding Request


This bundle includes several additional docs! 


Cherry Loudon’s financial planning spreadsheet: The financial planning spreadsheet is a google sheets document with formulas and structure for startup cost, cash flow, and sales forecast for three years which the page can be duplicated and you can continue for many more years to come. 

Cherry Loudon’s ‘SEO Checklist


We’ve ranked several people for the top five results or higher! With our SEO checklist, you get the necessary preparation and understanding of what and how certain SEO items affect your site’s performance. You can purchase SEO services here!


Cherry Loudon Confidentiality Agreement

When starting a new business you want to be careful who you share information about your business, just as a CYA you want to utilize a confidentiality agreement.








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