WHOOOOOOOOOO! My first periscope! I’m camera shy, being a videographer I’m always behind the camera so this was a step outside my comfort zone for sure. Shout out Ari for the push check her out on twitter @NerdNomadMom she’s the only reason I did it!

A little background on me and what I do and who I am.

I’m a 12 year tech professional whose worked for Lenovo, IBM, Morgan Stanley, Blackboard and other companies throughout my tenure. I’ve had many opportunities, two of my biggest breaks came from people I know.

When I went to college, my roommates friend was pressed for me to meet his dad I had no clue why, hell I was just a college kid who didn’t know what direction my life was in but I was a computer nerd and I knew computers was my thing. Lol at “computers”. Anyway one day he calls/text me says his dad is downstairs and I have to meet him. I go down meet with his dad. His dad says “my son tells me your good with computers, he speaks highly of you”, but let me tell you why though.

First week of college we get to the dorms as all techies do I had a wireless router in my backpack. Well the dorm network was secure of course so I plugged in my router connected it to the ethernet port and we were off to the races. So being the only one in the building with wifi, a desktop with a tv tuner and studying Electronics with a concentration in IT was probably convincing enough for my friend to think I was really good at “computers.”

Anyway that connection lead me to landing a job at Blackboard where I was able to work on the consulting team as the vmWare specialist which tuned into vmWare manager for our team. (Just a title) I was let go towards the 3rd/4th year of college.

Sad day right?? Nah I was mad and in my feelings but I realized I gained experience and knowledge. I knew how to move in a corporate environment, I was really good at managing vmWare environments it was almost like a fast track to my future.

At the time I was working another job same shift for a local college. Double dipping at it’s finest. I enjoyed those checks working two 9-5s lol I was a fool when I was younger still am but move a little different.

Anyway long story short moved on because I ended up losing both jobs. I was sitting in my GF at the time dorm room and the phone ring. I answer and it’s someone who sounds like a Sargent or something so I think I’m about to get recruited. It wasn’t the military it was an invite to a job position. A blessing.

I took the job upgrading network switches for a Financial company that company ended up being Morgan Stanley and oh boy! This was probably one of the best positions I’ve held in my career.

Would prep from home Monday – Wed, fly out to NY on Thursdays perform the upgrade and come home on Sundays! It was good until one day I ended up getting into with a coworker. He basically tried to box me in the cube and square up. I wasn’t going for it, packed my shit and left.

Next day I was moved to a boring ass team doing DRAAS before I knew what DRAAS was. Kinda feel stupid for not looking into the career the job was boring as hell. There’s a problem you review log after log and try to pin point the problem. No lab work, no hands on, no hardware. Just log reading I couldn’t do it. Got let go. Oh fuck you Dawn Borden fuck you! We had a bad relationship thanks to Carl’s bitch as that’s the coworker from above.

I then ended up getting another job with IBM and I was task with helping with standing up a Network for Lenovo when Lenovo acquired x86 from IBM. I had to design the network, test, and then coordinate the logistics of the networking components. Meet them in Asia, rack and stack and make sure we had communication from US to TPE. When I got to TPE I got ready to put my equpment in the rack and the gentleman there said “no no, you don’t touch anything” I said “what?, They sent me here to set it up.” He replies “no I have hired someone you will not touch anything just tell him where it goes” Me being from America and doing all the jobs + my own I was shocked! Worked out well.

It was a 30 day party in TPE, stayed up one day for 24 hours and made sure my network was good to go! Of course it was! Came back home after that trip worked for a few months or so and guess what! It’s time to go!

I left the east coast after this went to the west and worked for a HOA company. Bascially acting as the CTO but without the title. Me and my boss would go get wasted all the time and his only rule was beat him to work. Easy he never showed up before 10 AM but w.e. he was really cool, really enjoyed working with him. I shed a tear or two when I left. Hell I had a lot going on in my life at the time.

Came back from the west and was the exterminator cause I couldn’t land a job when I first got back. I ran into a old coworker an had a job in like three weeks. Always keep your network sharp! From there I worked for Lenovo this was my second time around kind of knew how this was going to go. I was doing data center work, so sys admin, hardware replacing server mother boards and other hot swappable and non-hot swappable, networking , virtualization, and some basic admin work.

Things were smooth but the company was making cuts. So I knew my time was company, remember I worked here before so I knew what it was I knew the hiring and firing cycle. This is why I mentioned be careful when you’re working for these companies, keep track of your task and time. Make sure you resume is always sharp. Know where you want to go and don’t get distracted.

Aight so a friend I went to college with put me on to a Job was like bro think you’re perfect fit apply. I apply, the interview is literally like this.

  • How do you install vmware?
  • What versions of VMware have you used?
  • What’s the first thing you do if there is an emergency?
  • Do you know what DRAAS is have you used any DRAAS ?products previously ?
  • What’s RPO ?
  • Whats RTO ?

Sometimes when the interview is short or basic I feel like I didn’t get it. They called back I got it. We’re here now!

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