First and foremost I hope everyone is doing well during these times. I know it’s been difficult adjusting, staying inside and finding ways to keep focused while working from home. We’ve got a little house keeping to do! I was writing the newsletter last week and by the end of the newsletter it was so much info I figured I’d just make it a post. No need to make someone read all that in an email. So I decided to just link everything in my newsletter to the blog, but I needed the blog written in order to send the email. Lol the wonderful flow chart of making links work.


Giveaways! The whole reason I was blabbing. With the makeover of www.cherryloudon.com releasing the first week in may, we’ve decided to include a giveaway section to our site. It’ll be out shortly after our new site annoucement!

Our giveaways will run from the first of the month until one day prior to the end of the month. We will select the winner(s) and announce via twitter and email! The winner will also be announced on the weekly newsletter! 
I figured why not give this a test run and have some folks enter a giveaway before we official get things rolling! I released the details via my our newsletter if you aren’t sign up. You can sign up below but it is too late to enter this giveaway. This was a short, simple, and sweet. Giveaway SSS

Our giveaway page will have all update info on give away and the ways you can enter that specific give away!


Again with the updating of our site there are some new things going on. Some general housekeeping and heads up.

The new site will include a few new and different things some already discussed. The two biggest things I’m excited about is our services page and Link Tree Killer. Our services page includes all of the services we provide and you easily able to check out right away. This page will eventually take you to the respective service page where you can view all the details for that particular service. Our Link Tree Killer is an alternative to Link Tree so that you don’t have to rely on their server when they have those random outages. You can view our demo here. In the upcoming months, you’ll be able to order this service from us. We create a page similar to you and allow you to host it so that you don’t have to worry about service interruptions.

Wrap it up!

Yupp done here, I’ll be dropping another post later this week discussing a topic I was suppose to address two weeks ago.

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