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Project summary

KandeeVending.com is an online vending machine supplier based in Atlanta, GA, USA. The company specializes in providing a wide range of vending machines to businesses and individuals across the city. However, despite having a good product range and a user-friendly website, KandeeVending.com struggled to attract organic traffic and achieve a significant online presence. To address this challenge, KandeeVending.com engaged Cherry Loudon, an experienced SEO professional, to implement basic SEO strategies and improve their website’s visibility in search engine results. This case study explores how Cherry Loudon’s services helped KandeeVending.com achieve remarkable results and boost their online presence.


The primary objective of Cherry Loudon’s engagement with KandeeVending.com was to enhance the website’s organic search rankings, increase online visibility, and generate more qualified traffic. The specific goals included:

a. Improve keyword rankings for relevant search terms related to vending machines.
b. Increase organic traffic to the website.
c. Enhance on-page and off-page optimization factors.
d. Optimize the website’s structure and content for better search engine crawlability.


The Strategy


Initial Website Audit:
Cherry Loudon started the project by conducting a thorough website audit to identify existing issues and opportunities for improvement. The audit included an assessment of technical SEO factors, on-page optimization elements, content quality, and backlink analysis. The audit helped Cherry understand the current state of the website and identify areas that needed attention.

Keyword Research and Strategy:
Cherry performed comprehensive keyword research to identify relevant and high-potential keywords that potential customers might use to find vending machines. This involved analyzing search volume, competition, and user intent to select the most strategic keywords. Based on the research, a keyword strategy was developed to optimize the website’s content and meta tags effectively.

On-Page Optimization:
Cherry worked closely with the website’s development team to implement on-page optimization techniques. This included optimizing meta titles, descriptions, and headers with target keywords. Cherry also provided recommendations for improving the website’s loading speed, mobile responsiveness, and overall user experience.

Content Enhancement:
Recognizing the importance of high-quality content for SEO success, Cherry collaborated with KandeeVending.com’s content team to create informative and engaging content. This involved developing optimized landing pages, product descriptions, blog articles, and informative guides related to vending machines. The content was designed to address user queries, establish thought leadership, and attract relevant organic traffic.

Off-Page Optimization:
Cherry focused on building high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites in the vending machine industry. This involved outreach to industry influencers, guest blogging, and fostering relationships with relevant websites for link acquisition. By acquiring relevant and authoritative backlinks, Cherry aimed to improve the website’s domain authority and search engine rankings.

    Proven Results

    Improved Keyword Rankings:

    Cherry Loudon’s strategic keyword optimization efforts led to a significant improvement in KandeeVending.com‘s keyword rankings. Several target keywords related to vending machines saw a notable increase in rankings, with some even achieving top positions in search engine results. This improvement resulted in enhanced visibility and increased organic traffic to the website.

    Increased Organic Traffic:

    The implementation of Cherry’s SEO strategies resulted in a substantial increase in organic traffic to KandeeVending.com. The website witnessed a steady growth in the number of visitors coming from search engine results pages. The improved keyword rankings and enhanced visibility played a vital role in attracting more qualified traffic to the website, ultimately leading to an increase in potential customers and sales opportunities.

    Enhanced On-Page Optimization:

    Cherry’s efforts in optimizing the website’s on-page elements, such as meta tags, headers, and content, resulted in improved search engine crawlability and relevance. The website’s overall structure was refined to ensure better indexing by search engines, leading to increased visibility for relevant search queries. Additionally, the optimization of the website’s loading speed and mobile responsiveness contributed to an improved user experience and engagement.

    Content Quality and Authority:

    Through collaboration with KandeeVending.com‘s content team, Cherry helped enhance the quality and relevance of the website’s content. The addition of informative and engaging content, including optimized landing pages, product descriptions, and blog articles, positioned KandeeVending.com as a valuable resource in the vending machine industry. This content not only attracted organic traffic but also established the company’s credibility and authority within the market.

    Strong Backlink Profile:

    Cherry Loudon’s off-page optimization efforts resulted in the acquisition of high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites in the vending machine industry. These backlinks not only improved the website’s domain authority but also generated referral traffic from relevant sources. The strategic outreach and relationship-building activities conducted by Cherry helped KandeeVending.com establish valuable connections and partnerships within the industry.


    Cherry Loudon’s basic SEO services played a crucial role in improving KandeeVending.com’s online presence and achieving remarkable results. Through a comprehensive approach that encompassed technical SEO, on-page optimization, content enhancement, and off-page link building, Cherry successfully increased the website’s visibility, keyword


    Search Traffic


    Conversion Rate


    Online Leads

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