My three basic principles on how to get into IT!

  • APPLY TODAY no matter what you know.
  • Pick your niche and get a feel for what you like.
  • Get a cert today. It will fast track you to getting into tech.

Okay so yes! I’m a firm believer in getting out in the field and testing things out so you know where you stand and what you need to work on. Many people ask me how to get into IT. I usually start the conversation off the same. Learn tech, find what you like and grow! The best way to find out is to test yourself in the field.

I’d say go and apply for an entry level HELP DESK job this will be simply answering the phone and assiting people with things like:

  • Computer screen is black
  • Computer won’t turn on
  • I’m locked out
  • Application won’t start
  • Application is having problem
  • I’m new need software installed
  • I’m new need access to shared drive
  • I’m new how do I login
  • I’m new how do I reset my password

Random things that will build you experience with the back end of a Active Directory, Shared drives, System hardware, software version changes, software updates, etc. All of these things help get your feet wet if you have no skill. If you’ve already been planing on how to get into IT. You probably already have a niche you’re interested in getting into.

Okay once you’re comfortable and have found your niche you can move to entry level [your niche] or you can ride help desk to level III if the company you’re at offers that position and that’s aligned with your goals.

Once you’re in your niche follow your 1 year, 3 year, 5 year plan to move around IT how you have planned it out.

One question that was mentioned was do you suggest moving up within a company. Sometimes companies don’t see your value so therefore you can’t grow within a company. You have to go outside the company for higher pay and come back and rinse and repeat. There were some comments seems like it takes a long time. It may it may not. Five years and you have the salary you want.

Year 1 – work for your company

Year 2 – work for higher paying company

Year 3 – Ask for raise, see if another company wants to pay you more. See if you older company wants to rehire at your desired rate. No? Add another skill to your resume.

Year 4 – Stick to your guns, ask for a raise, show your value and see what happens. If you’re successful add one more skill to your tech tool bag

Year 5 – Salary should be where you want it, if not then oh well. Keep trying stay focused.

This is an ideal not exactly how it goes. Remember others may be dependent on your stability and career move wisely.

You can pick up my System Admin checklist here, I’ll be sure to add more checklist as we go along.

Check out the video here: https://www.periscope.tv/estvisuals/1BdxYeZwLEgxX

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