Joyner Vending Case Study

How Cherry Loudon’s Vending SEO Hygenie service optimized Joyner Vending to help create a multimillion dollar vending business.

Cherry Loudon Vending SEO Hygiene

JoynerVending.com is a vending machine services business that started as a small venture with limited online visibility. This case study explores the journey of JoynerVending.com and its transformation from having horrible SEO hygiene to becoming a multimillion-dollar vending business through the implementation of effective SEO strategies.

The Challenge: Horrible SEO Hygiene

In its early stages, JoynerVending.com suffered from poor search engine optimization (SEO) hygiene. The website had numerous technical issues, including slow page loading speed, broken links, and inadequate metadata. The lack of relevant keywords, poor content quality, and an absence of backlinks further exacerbated the problem. These factors contributed to low search engine rankings, resulting in limited organic traffic and poor online visibility for JoynerVending.com.

Collaboration with Cherry Loudon

To address the SEO challenges, JoynerVending.com sought the expertise of Cherry Loudon, a company becoming the number one vending SEO consultant. Cherry Loudon conducted a thorough analysis of the website’s current state and identified the critical areas that required improvement. We devised a comprehensive SEO strategy tailored to JoynerVending.com’s specific goals and target audience.

SEO Hygiene Service Execution

Technical Optimization:
Cherry Loudon focused on enhancing the website’s technical aspects to improve its overall performance. This involved optimizing the website’s loading speed, fixing broken links, and ensuring proper redirections. We also implemented an XML sitemap and improved the website’s structure for better crawlability by search engines.

Keyword Research and Optimization:
Cherry Loudon conducted extensive keyword research to identify high-ranking keywords relevant to JoynerVending.com’s offerings. We strategically incorporated these keywords into the website’s content, including headings, titles, meta descriptions, and alt tags for images. By optimizing the on-page elements, Cherry Loudon aimed to improve the website’s relevance and visibility in search engine results.

Content Enhancement:
Recognizing the importance of high-quality content, Cherry worked closely with the JoynerVending.com team to revamp and expand the website’s content. We focused on creating informative and engaging content related to vending machine industry trends, maintenance tips, and product reviews. This not only attracted organic traffic but also positioned JoynerVending.com as a reliable source of information in the industry.

Link Building:
Cherry Loudon implemented a strategic link-building campaign to increase the website’s authority and improve its search engine rankings. We targeted reputable websites in the vending machine industry and secured backlinks through guest posting, partnerships, and content collaborations. These backlinks played a crucial role in boosting JoynerVending.com’s online credibility and visibility.

Results and Business Growth

The implementation of the SEO hygiene service had a significant impact on JoynerVending.com’s online presence and overall business growth. The key results achieved include:

Improved Search Engine Rankings:
JoynerVending.com experienced a significant increase in its search engine rankings for targeted keywords. The website began appearing on the first page of search engine results, attracting a larger volume of organic traffic. Still to this day holds the #1 spot in several market related keywords.

Increased Organic Traffic and Conversions:
With improved visibility in search engines, JoynerVending.com witnessed a substantial increase in organic traffic. This increase in relevant and engaged visitors translated into higher conversion rates, leading to an overall boost in revenue.

Brand Authority and Trust:
Through strategic link building and content enhancement, JoynerVending.com established itself as an authoritative and trustworthy source in the vending machine industry. This reputation bolstered customer trust, resulting in increased repeat business and customer referrals.

Multimillion-Dollar Business:
As a direct outcome of the SEO hygiene service and subsequent business growth, JoynerVending.com experienced exponential financial success. The increased organic traffic, higher conversion rates, and improved brand authority led to a significant surge in sales and revenue. JoynerVending.com expanded its customer base, catering to a wider market and establishing itself as a leading player in the vending machine industry.

Long-Term SEO Strategy and Maintenance:

Recognizing the importance of sustaining their online success, JoynerVending.com continued to work closely with Cherry Loudon to develop a long-term SEO strategy. This strategy involved regular monitoring and optimization of website performance, keyword research and updates, content creation, and ongoing link-building efforts. By maintaining a strong SEO foundation, JoynerVending.com aimed to solidify its market position and stay ahead of competitors.


The case study of JoynerVending.com showcases the transformative power of effective SEO hygiene and strategic implementation. By recognizing the shortcomings of their initial SEO practices and partnering with an expert like Cherry Loudon, JoynerVending.com was able to overcome their challenges and evolve into a multimillion-dollar vending business. The focus on technical optimization, keyword research, content enhancement, and link building paved the way for improved search engine rankings, increased organic traffic, and substantial business growth. JoynerVending.com’s success story serves as a testament to the pivotal role that SEO plays in driving online visibility, customer engagement, and financial success in the digital landscape.

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