Our first youtube video is out. It’s the intro to our journey on buying a website from Flippa.Com. We’ve been using flippa for a while now and often make purchases both on and off the platform for domains and websites.

Purchasing domains no matter from flippa or another domain classifieds you’ll need to follow similar steps. In our video we discuss acquiring the site, securing the site, signing up for affiliate links and putting a theme on the site right away.

Acquiring Flippa Sites

Flippa is similar to ebay you can buy sites immediately with the buy it now option or auction for sites and wait to be the highest bidder at the end of the auction period. Whichever way once you win the auction or pay the price for the site you’ll need to get it over to your registrar and then your hosting provider and then have the seller push the site over to the hosting provider.

The registrar

There are many registrars out there some of my favorites are below:

  • Growthipedia
  • Google Domains
  • Go Daddy
  • Name Cheap

These registrars all provide superior service and support. I love them all for their own individual reasons but mostly make decisions on who I register my domains based on quantity. You can determine how you will structure your portfolio. If you are already with a register stick with them managing multiple registrars and domains can be annoying if you aren’t organized.

When purchasing a site you’ll typically want to stick with the registrar that the previous owner has. That way you don’t inquire additional fees and increase waiting time for getting your site up and running under your management.

Lastly, if you do end up with a ton of registrars, hosting providers, and or logins for various website functionalities, I use Dash Lane for all of my passwords and domain notes.

The Hosting Provider

All of the above-mentioned registrars provide hosting as well and for your convenience, you can stick with them as your hosting provider as well as your registrar. If you have a webmaster you will most likely have them manage the backend of all your domains.

I am my own hosting provider so no matter where my name is registered I point them all to my hosting providers name servers and build my site there.

Pushing The Site Over

Once you have your registration complete, your hosting in order and you’ve made sure that your domain’s name servers are pointing to the right location you’ll have the previous owner push the site over to you.

The previous owner should be well aware of how to get the site over to your hosting solution. Be patient and helpful during this time, makes the process much easier!

What’s next?

Watch our video so you can see how to update, secure, apply for affiliate links, and make some necessary changes to your brand new website! You’re on your way to making some money!

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