People tell me that all the good domains are gone! That’s not true. There’s plenty of good domain names out there and new ones being created daily! Follow these tips for when you search for a domain name and hopefully this will help you grab a good one.

Remember domain names are a couple of cheeseburgers and a coke a year to own, and you can really never own enough of them.

Tips for Avoiding Poor Domain Names

  • Avoid using domains that are deliberately misspelled.
    • Ex: SellURHome2Us vs. SellYourHomeToUs
  • Avoid using domains with hyphens.
    • Ex: WeBuyPrettyHouses vs. We-Buy-Pretty-Houses
  • Avoid using domains that are way too long.
    • Ex: WeSaveHomesFromForeclosure.com
  • *Avoid using domains that are meaningful only to you.
    • Ex: ABCFinancialGroup.com (investor or bank?)
  • *Avoid using .org unless you want people to think you’re a non-profit organization.
    • Ex: HomeSolutions.org (non-profit?)
  • *Avoid using unpopular domain extensions such as
    • .info, .tv, .cc, .ws, .name, etc. for your Primary Domain.

Tips for Choosing Good Domain Names

  • Consider choosing a short domain name.
  • When choosing a domain remember easier to spell and remember is clutch.
  • Choose a value laden domain that says what you do.
  • Try to purchase a .com or a .net if possible. If you are really set on a certain domain name, settle for a .biz or .us if necessary.
  • Purchase YourCompanyName.com so that no one else will.
  • Purchase the .net, .biz, .us and all others too if you can.
  • If your company name is taken, try adding an “Inc” or “LLC” to the end of the name and see if that is available.
  • Anytime you get a good .com domain, tie up the .net, .biz, .us and any other variations of the name so others can’t.
  • If you find a really good domain name, purchase it for more than one year. Tie it up for as long as you can.
  • When purchasing domain names, be sure to set them to automatically renew so you don’t forget to renew.
  • Don’t use YourCompanyName.com on your marketing material if your company name is vague or ambiguous.
  • Make your domains private or unlisted for anonymity.
  • Private domains also keep your email and fax off the public WHOIS database and help prevent SPAM and junk faxes.


Make a list of all the words you would like to use in your domain name. Put them in the tool and buy expired domains, this will give you an instant lead on the domain. (Try pitching it to the last owner)

Ex: We + Buy + Houses + Fast

If your name is taken, rearrange the words or insert new words in between them.

Ex: We + Buy + Atlanta + Houses or Homes

Take these combinations over to somewhere like name mesh to combine some terms and see what you can generate. I won’t tell you all the secrets but you can find more in my book! Make a complete list of all the domains you want to purchase.

Tips and Tricks

  • Domains that are mapped to your websites are “attached” to your sites.
  • Domains that are forwarded, are not attached to your site, but are simply redirected to your site.
  • Mapped domains get picked up by the search engines. Forwarded domains don’t.

Lastly let me know if you have all the necessary tools to get the job done. In my videos you’ll see me use a few tools that make this a breeze especially if you’re combing through thousands of domain names a day.

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